CryptoCurrency: Guilds Scams and the dos and donts

CryptoCurrency: Guilds Scams and the dos and donts

CryptoCurrency scammers are everywhere now and CryptoCurrency is definitely not an exception. Is the word Cryptocurrency new to you? Or scammed and don’t want to fall a victim again? Here are the eye-openers that will guide you on trading successfully on Bitcoin, Eth, and others. WHAT IS CRYPTOCURRENCY? Cryptocurrency is a… Continue reading

Ethereum- Ether Characteristics and Ethereum Addresses

Ethereum is a publicly distributed computing platform based on blockchain technology. It is an operating system which features unique scripting functions. It also lends support to an amended version of Nakamoto consensus which is done through transaction based transitions. Ether is a cryptocurrency engineered from a blockchain by the Ethereum… Continue reading

Legality Of Cryptocurrencies – Legality Status Of Online Currencies

The legality of cryptocurrencies is different from country to country. Some countries have allowed the usage of trade others have placed heavy restrictions on it. However, The legal status cannot be ascertained and it varies in other countries. Government agencies in these countries have classified bitcoins in their own way.… Continue reading

How to invest in Cryptocurrency – Market cap and idea

What is Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is used as a means of exchange. It uses cryptography to verify and secure every transaction made. It also uses cryptography to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Users of Cryptocurrency uses it for different thing like buying goods,… Continue reading